Kilpis (15/07/2017)
Category: Trening
Map/area: MapAnt
Organiser: Egen
Country: Finland
Distance: 5.75 km
Time: 53:17
Average HR: 130
Maximum HR: 154
Test av på Kilpis.
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Jagge: Just curious, how did it feel? Did yellow, green, contours make any sense? Legibility, purple depressions? You have plenty of similar type of terrain up there i Norway and lidar data will be opened quote soon too.
Alfonsson: I mostly used the contours, also the purple depressions. It worked quite well in this rocky terrain. The green and the yellow, though, gave no good representation of the runnability.
Jagge: Thanks. That area was scanned in August. Most of the country is scanned early spring (no leaves). Thats why I was curious is it much usable at all - it affects green, yellow and even contours.
Alfonsson: The terrain is generally open with scattered trees, so the time of scanning maybe not affect the result too much.
In the areas I visited the yellow probably would be stony ground (210) on orienteering maps. So yellow did not offer easy running as in (401) -- open land.
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Kilpis (15/07/2017) Kilpis (15/07/2017)